Monday, June 23, 2008

The Nature of Zorro

In an email my student sent me today, she forwarded some things that I really need to ponder upon. Here's an example:

Three things in life that are never certain:

1. Fortune
2. Success
3. Dreams

But anyway, this blog has nothing to do with that email...

An online friend finally allowed me to post her pictures here in my site. I met Chutte in Multiply. Here are some of her pix at the Bromo Crater in Indonesia two years ago:


Mountain View at the National Park

Beautiful, aren't they?

I just love nature. And traveling is my addiction.

I decided also to feature pictures in my sidebar. (Well actually, I've been doing that since I started this blog). The only difference now is that I'll be featuring shots regularly. Every two weeks maybe... =D

Oh, one more reason why I blogged this late is that I'm waiting for I-Witness.

Howie Severino documented "three teens from public schools, all headed for college at UP Diliman. These youngsters carry the weight of their families and communities' expectations as well as their branding as part of UP's centennial batch."

Not to mention their first encounter with the home-grown rallyists who are always there everytime there's a Freshmen Orientation at the University Theatre.

And who can forget Zorro! I love this guy. He's always up to date with what is happening in his society. I always catch him reading newspapers in Nadasha (a 24-hour eatery here in our place).

Anyway, the commercials are over, I need to go back in front of the TV...

'Til next time!

Mabuhay ang mga bagong iskolar ng bayan!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Signs that there’s a Public Storm Signal No. 3

According to PAGASA, at 2:00 a.m. today, the eye of Typhoon "FRANK" was located by radar, satellite and surface data at 30 kms South of Tayabas, Quezon or 90 kms Southeast of Metro Manila (13.9°N 121.5°E) with maximum winds of 120 kph and gustiness of up to 150 kph.

It is expected that "FRANK" will move north northwest at 15 kph.

When I woke up at 11 am, Typhoon "FRANK" has already passed east of Metro Manila and is crossing Central Luzon.

Hence, below is the latest 2D Image issued by PAGASA for 3pm today.

Since we’re already in a contemporary age, at the same time all of the emo’s out there are trying to defy the laws of nature, here are some ways to confirm that there is indeed a Public Storm Signal No. 3 in the metropolis:

1. You are back to basics. You wake up at lunchtime and compete with your housemate with the use of the kitchen as you cook your all time favorite instant noodles.

Yummy. This reminds me of college midnight snacks at Kalai (my freshman dormitory).

2. Talking about freshman years, the second sign leads you to old friends sending you unexpected SMS.

Here’s an example:

Jong: If there is something better than sharing with others the best of what you have, it is sharing with others the best of who you are… : )
UG: Kumusta naman kabagyuhan diyan? (How's the typhoon over there?)
Jong: Emo-emo lang… Haha. (Just being emo... Haha.)
UG: Wala ka ngang magawa… (You have nothing else to do.)
Jong: Kaya *** na lang! LOL. (That's why I'll just have ***! LOL.)

Jong is a good old college friend. He lived three doors across my room way back when we were freshies. At the age of 23, he had finished already is Masters Degree in Economics. He works at the Department of Agriculture and can't directly answer my question whenever I ask him, “Is there really a rice shortage in the country today?

To boot, Jong is an epitome of a USB!

Thanks to Billycoy for introducing me USB. It’s actually a line of collectibles available here.

3. Another friend challenges your Algebraic abilities, online!

Marge, another college friend, started our YM conversation by asking how’s the downpour at the metropolis. And after complaining about herself gaining a fat ***, she asked me if I know the expanded formula of (a+b+c)^3. Being a natural-born-Algebra-lover, I immediately picked up my pencil and notepad and solved for the solution. After a few minutes, I replied:

a^3 + b^3 + c^3 + 6abc + 3ab^2 + 3a^2b

+ 3ac^2 + 3a^2c + 3bc^2 + 3b^2c

Shoot! That was loooooong.

She responded:

margie: haha
margie: eh (a+b)^3
stupefied protagonist: kailangan ba tlga? (do you really need it?)
margie: medyo (quite.)
margie: haha
margie: alam mo yung shortcut (do you know the shortcut?)
margie: type mo na (type it now)

After quite some time...

margie: kuha ko na (i got it!)
stupefied protagonist: a^3 + 3a^2b + 3ab^2 + b^3
margie: tama (correct)

(^ indicates exponents)

Marge! You’re giving me a headache!

Marge has a degree in Public Health. She’s currently in her province way up north working in a local Water Company.

4. Finally, your last hint is that you stay in front of your laptop and tries to write as many blog entries as you can instead of checking your student’s quizzes. Oh! That’s another topic I can blog about!

Just wait, there’s more!



three months ago when i started my blog, i posted a widget computing my site's worth...

This Page
For Keywords

8217, song, blog

Reward $917

after three months, here's the value of my site:

This Page
For Keywords

guru, urban, song

Reward $451

after 3 months and 24 posts, it seems that my site depreciated much as the value of Philippine Peso in the world market. shoot.


dont believe page ranking sites.

side effects include insanity...


Friday, June 20, 2008

viva la vida loca?

the sound of the latest single of Coldplay, Viva La Vida, didn't please my midbrain.

however, checking out Boyce's Avenue's channel at youtube changed my perception of the song.

now, i've started to like it...

Boyce Avenue - Viva La Vida (Acoustic)

they're just too talented to cover songs...


LSS: Latest Song Supplements

I really appreciate James' effort to visit our hub. Because of him, I have a new set of songs that are now part of my WMP playlist. Here are my top seven LSS:

1. Flying Without Wings - Westlife
This is so high schoolish. Listening to this song only reminds me of JS Proms and endless cheesy high school balls. Nostalgic, isn't it?

2. On the Radio - Regine Velasquez
I have this 'something' for the Asia's Songbird. Sometimes, I love her songs, sometimes not. Well, today is an example of the previous.

3. Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
I really don't know what's with this song, but what I'm only sure of is that it reminds me of you...

4. In A Rush - Blackstreet
Soothing. This is something you would want to hear if you want to stay away from stress.

5. Let's Groove - Earth Wind and Fire
Let's get funky! I love this song. It's a dynamite.

6. Tilt Ya Head Back - Nelly ft. Christina Aguilera
A killer club song. It's a Nelly hit with Baby Jane.

7. The Way I Are - Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson
To cap the hot seven is my current ultimate clubbing song. Love the beat. I'm haunted by the dancefloor.

So there it is. It seems that my roommie is sick and tired of listening to the same songs over and over again. But what can I do? It's a routinary supplement. Wapak!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stalked and Sleepy

If you're wondering why I haven't posted anything for the past 12 days, well, classes had started a week ago. So there, I need to adjust to some changes in my lifestyle...

Naks! Nampu***! Feeling?!!! (Cursing myself).

Two weeks ago, some mischievous students did some not so good deeds. Oh well, it's quite solved already, as of press time, so there's no need to mention anything about it.

Talking about being stalked...

There's a guy from multiply who keeps on viewing my profile. He's quite interesting coz he keeps on posting weird things. And when I say 'weird,' his posts are really weird...

Here's a quote from his profile comparing himself to Hero Angeles:

Cristy Fermin: I really can't distinguish your face from Hero Angeles', Pablo!
Pablo Banila: Oh, Tita Cristy please don't insult Hero Angeles!
Cristy Fermin: You put the guy in a pedestal and bootlick! Can I bootlick as well? =))
Pablo Banila: Ano po ba ang Tagalog ng "LOL" Tita?
Cristy Fermin: Sabi nila hagikhik, pero ang alam ko ulol.

...weird, but funny. That's why I found him interesting. (Hagikhik).

Wait, I think I need to sleep now. Still got a lecture tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, to everyone who dropped by, many thanks!

I'll try to rejuvinate my blogging prowess this weekend (in case I'm sober). Ha!

Sweet dreams everyone!

(On my WMP: R. Kelly's I'm a Flirt)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

LP Writing Tilt

Hey teacher!

Have you heard of the latest challenge staged by the Philippine Daily Inquirer?

It’s a lesson plan-writing contest!

Rules are simple: just write a lesson plan that utilizes the pages of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. And viola! You will win a laptop!

All active teachers throughout the country are allowed to join the said competition! Hmmm… since my PRC No. is 0917198, and more or less 20,000 others passed the 2007 and 2008 board exams, I therefore conclude that it’s a head-to-head between me and the 900,000++ other teachers out there! Great. Now I just lost all of the sugar in my blood. (But how about those who are teaching already but haven’t taken the LET yet? Darn.)

Anyway, “the lesson plan must be original, unpublished, clear, concise, and adaptable for grades 4-7 and high school years 1-4.

Isn’t it that exciting?! So what are you waiting for? Extract now your creative juices while clicking here for more details.

Happy lesson planning!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Pass 8 pm, my best friend texted me: “Are you near Teacher’s Village?”

I answered yes and told him another friend of ours is actually living there.

I asked him why did he ask.

He then replied, “’Coz I was kinda stalking you.”

My best friend is an Electronics and Communications Engineer. He works in a local telecommunications company where my cellular phone's plan is subscribed. While at work, he can actually locate anyone who is using his/her mobile subscribed to his company.

Anyway, due to my excitement of this ‘extraordinary powers’ of my best friend, I asked him to look for the location of the number I sent him.

He then replied: “Philamlife Makati.”

Upon receiving this message, I almost died of laughing.

Now I know where that person is working.

(Magdadalawang buwan na ang nakalilipas at pinipilit pa rin niyang itago sa akin kung saan na siya nagtatrabaho ngayon).

Well, it might not be the exact location. But still, I know where that person is hiding.

So, if you’re actually of the same mobile network as I am, better not lie about your location. You don’t know who is stalking you —24/7.