Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dos Boys

Seven years and still counting…

minsan sa may kalayaan tayo'y nagkatagpuan
may mga sariling gimik at kaya-kanyang hangad sa buhay

That’s how long since I’ve known these guys…

sa ilalim ng iisang bubong
mga sekretong ibinubulong
kahit na anong mangyari
kahit na saan ka man patungo

Back then, we just joke around like idiot neophytes in the vague and ambiguous world of the Republic of the University of the Philippines.

ngunit ngayon kay bilis maglaho ng kahapon
sana'y huwag kalimutan ang ating mga pinagsamahan

Back then, Ma’am Tirona would screech at us saying: “Mga ****** *** ninyo, saang lupalop kayo ng UP nag-***y kagabi?

at kung sakaling gipitin ay laging iisipin
na minsan tayo ay naging
tunay na magkaibigan

Back then, this dormitory used to be a place we call home. It was a place where friendships flourished, ideas evolved, and personalities progressed.

minsan ay parang wala nang bukas sa buhay natin
inuman sa magdamag na para bang tayo'y mauubusan

Reuniting with some of my floormates last night kept me nostalgic the entire Sunday. After seven years, most of us are professionals now.

Anthony is still teaching at the National Institute of Physics, at the same time taking his PhD (after dating Caramel who used to be my classmate/seatmate in several awarding ceremonies/co-faculty at UPIS, bitter ocampo? hekhek);

Xiao is finishing his MA thesis in History about her Mommy Imelda while tangentially teaching History at DLSU-Taft (yah, yah, we all know it was you who asked your students to dispatch those posters and distribute those flyers at FC and AS last summer, *wink*);

Jong is a Trade Desk Officer of the Department of Agriculture and sidelining at Kalayaan College. (see? he can’t even get over the word: Kalayaan. bwahahaha);

James is an auditor at the Philippine National Bank for almost a year now, after passing the accountancy board exam last year (without even reviewing for it, naks!);

Davis is a consultant in a training and consulting firm (honestly, I can’t explain on text what my roommate is doing for living. ulk. ulk. ulk.);

Allan is back at the College of Social Science and Philosophy to take his post-grad studies while employed in… OMG, I really don’t know! (why is it that I have no idea what my housemates are doing for a living? bleh!);

And the person to blame why we gathered last Saturday night at Sarah’s is Tonio — who is now based in Chicago while serving the US Navy. He’s here to have a two-weeks vacation before pursuing his post-graduate studies in the States.

Oh yeah, thank you Robert for sending this message over the yahoogroups:

Welcome home! ;)

Sent from my iPhone

(dude! that’s your iPhone crashing on yah face! LOL)

I have no idea regarding the whereabouts of the others. I just hope everybody’s fine wherever they are!

Okay I'm bluffing.
I know where 'some' of the others are hiding right now. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

ngunit kung sakaling mapadaan baka
ikaw ay aking tawagan
dahil minsan tayo ay naging
tunay na magkaibigan

pix courtesy of Xiao

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Want to know why the Urban gurU is very busy lately?

First of all, he's still enjoying his golden tan from...

Second, it's because of...


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sembreak Day Three

This entry was written last October 28, 2008, 12:27AM while the Urban gurU was at Sariaya, Quezon. It just so happened it got lost in translation just like Scarlett Johansson...

naalala kita pag umuulan SEMBREAK
naalala kita pag giniginaw SEMBREAK
naalala kita ilang bukas pa ba
bago tayo ay magkita

I really hate it when my phone receives an SMS early in the morning. Since I always place it near my pillow, I would wake up easily even just by a single SMS alert.

Past 7 AM, AJ’s SMS woke me up saying:

This is Ms. AJ of PSYSC blah blah blah… I just want to confirm Sir that we’re supposed to meet at McDonalds Philcoa at 2pm this afternoon for our trip to Sariaya?

Good thing I woke up on the right side of the bed. So I replied:

Really? Oh that’s why no one from PSYSC showed up last night! Wadapak! I thought it was 2am?!

I’d better go home now and catch some sleep. See you this afternoon!

After a few minutes, my phone rang.

Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

After her call I went back to sleep for another hour or two. Past 9am I fixed my bed and tried to catch some Pokemon.

Oh, by the way. I always watch Pokemon before going to work. Like this one ryan_h caught for me:

Lunchtime I went to SM North to pay some bills and to deposit a check; passed by National Bookstore to look for the latest Reader’s Digest but ended buying a Discovery Channel Magazine.

Thou it is almost a hundred pesos more expensive than RD, the free CD of exclusive Discovery Channel ringtones, clips and wallpaper convinced me a lot to buy the mag —stuff that I can use in classroom instruction.

1:15 pm but am still on a jeepney headed back to UP Campus. Car accident along CP Garcia stranded me in an Ikot jeep that made me decide not to go anymore to the National Institute of Geological Science (NIGS). I’m supposed to give an HSBC form to Enj at her lab coz she’s about to leave for Kidapawan that night and am about to leave for Sariaya AT 2PM!!!

1:40 pm. Alas! Am home coz I decided not to give the form to her anymore. I still have 20 minutes to pack my things for an overnight stay at Sariaya, Quezon to visit PSYSC’s 2008 Children’s Science Interactive Workshop, as a member of its Board of Trustees.

I arrived at McDOA (McDo + philcOA) 15 minutes past 2 o’clock but AJ wasn’t there yet. She arrived after I’ve finished my fries and then we left to fetched another speaker at the College of Engineering.

Around 3 o’clock pm, our five-hour journey began. We had a pitstop at Sta. Rosa, Laguna to fetch another speaker. By the way, Chico Garcia has really nice pix of some EK-EK at Enchanted Kingdom. I highly suggest that you visit his site for the said pix.

It was not a boring trip with an Archeologist from the National Museum, a Chemical Engineer, an Environmental Engineer, and a Grade School Science Teacher. I guess you already have an idea of what topics transpired in our conversations. Nevertheless, since Science is already a part of our lives, I assure you that we still have other things to talk about. Examples were: the mechanics of why Filipino motorbike riders are very prone to accidents, Petron and Shell’s monopoly over the country’s oil economy, Coast Guard trainees diving over Manila Bay, an engineer’s bridal shower, and the THES-QS results and other politics inside the University, to name a few.

See! I told you, they are purely not geek talk!

Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

8 pm we arrived at Villa Del Prado. The sumptuous dinner waited for us as early as 7pm. Am telling you, any dinner would be very sumptuous for anyone who just came from a 5-hour drive.

Past 9 o’clock we transferred to a nearby resort where we will be housed.

So now, here I am writing this entry in a beach resort somewhere in Sariaya, Quezon.

It’s drizzling outside.
It’s cold.
And I’m excited to see YOU.

And oh, by the way, I just missed again another deadline for the Blog Awards Challenge. And that really…

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When the Urban gurU returned to Quezon City last November 1, he found out that the Blog Awards Challenge's deadline was extended. Unfortunately, work piled up on his desktop causing him to cram in computing his students' grades and not be able to write for the BAC.

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