Saturday, March 21, 2009

Googling Gyudon

One time, I thought of googling the word gyudon. Flabbergasted by the results, my inquisitiveness brought me to these sites:

Yoshinoya’s history dates back to 1899 when a Japanese named Eikichi Matsuda crafted a scrumptious recipe of beef and rice known as gyudon. Gyudon is from the Japanese terms gyū which means "cow" or "beef", and don is short for donburi, the Japanese word for "bowl".

For the past 110 years, Yoshinoya has grown to be an imperative brand name in Japan as asserted by more than 1,000 outlets. In Metro Manila, they can be found in the following strategic locations: SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Galleria, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Binondo, Park Square 1, and Greenhills. Hence, making it one of the biggest fast-food chains in Japan and Asia.

The first time I visited Yoshinoya, I was not that stunned with their cuisine. If I recall it right, that could be almost two years ago. Late last year, when I visited again one of their stores, I was finally convinced of the palatability of their gyudon. Quoting my best friend whom I am with that time, “this is the best gyudon I had ever tasted.” Since then, we often drop by the nearest Yoshinoya to our place.

Gyudon is best served with seven spices and red ginger (beni shoga). Seven spices add a little bit of an exquisite chili flavor to the beef; at the same time, the red ginger makes it savory juicier. By the way, the first serving of red ginger is free.

Aside from the gyudon, the chicken teriyaki and fish katsudon are both must try dishes in any Yoshinoya store. Their chicken teriyaki is favorable to those who are health conscious since it is cooked with minimum amount of oil. To boot, the fish katsudon boasts a sumptuous cream dory cooked in tempura sauce, topped with an egg. Mouth watery, isn’t it?

So the next time you think of googling the word ‘gyudon,’ try heading to Greenhills Yoshinoya instead. I guarantee you, they serve Japan’s No. 1 Beef Bowl!

Yoshinoya Greenhills accepts:
  • orders for delivery at a minimum order of Php 300.00
  • bulk orders of at least 20 orders of rice bowls/noodles/jumbo plates will be free of delivery charge plus FREE BEEF GYUDON for every P1000 purchase
  • KDO coffee sticks of box of 12 are available, Buy 1 Take 1, for only Php 45.48
For any queries, you may contact them at (02) 725 7789 or (02) 725 1736.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good vs. Evil Drama

The battle for the final two commenced last night!

It was a sweet tussle between idols Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey.

Adam, singing Johnny Cash’ “Ring of Fire” represented the evil, hot flaming, falsettoing, Nine Inch Nail inspired contestant. On the other hand Danny, belting Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel,” was the good-boy, heaven sent contingent. My jaw literally dropped after their performances.

Even it didn’t really sound like country for Adam’s rendition, it doesn’t really matter. Changing the song into something that fits him well, worked out very, very fine. If Kara thinks it was strange and she kinda likes it, I think it was indeed strange, and I kinda love it. ‘Twas hot, intense, sweet.

Danny took the good side last night. Accompanied by the bright white lights while he was performing, it seems like angels were all over the stage raising him up!

Piercing. It was just like piercing your soul.

Dark Horses of the Apocalypse

If there would be dark horses, these three guys would be it:
  • Anoop Dawg was “from zero to hero,” as Simon said it. After nailing “You’re Always on My Mind,” Anoop is back again in the competition. Welcome back dawg!
  • Tender Dawg Kris Allen sang “To Make You Feel My Love.” For Paula it was a “vulnerable performance.” And yes it was. It was soothing and flawless.
  • Matt Giraud. The jazzy JT did it again after singing “So Small.” And well, even he’s not a front runner in the competition, he’s definitely adding spice to it.
Better watch out for them in the forthcoming weeks!

Since girls are already outnumbered on the second week of performance night, I am picking Megan Joy and Allison Iraheta as the best female performers. Megan was awesomely lovely to the nth degree! Singing “Walking’ After Midnight,” she proved that she deserves to be in the Summer Tour after making it to the top ten. Caw! Caw!

Allison, who was part of the bottom three, still managed to be the sweet-young-rockstar as she was, during the performance night. Unluckily, she did not impress the judges, who persuasively convinced America not to vote for her. As a result, she’s down there. Sigh.

I predicted that Michael, Alexis, and Scott to be in the bottom three today. And yes, even Lil. Their performances were kinda weak and there's nothing impressive about them. I even predicted Michael to be out today, just like most people think, but nah… dirty Alexis heads home rather.

In the end, there will only be three girls in the summer tour, accompanied by the seven guys.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The search is on!

Everyone was enthralled upon hearing that they will have 13 finalists in this year's season of American Idol. Proportionally, the more choices, the more votes; the more votes... ka-ching!

Because of my excitement to go home today to watch AI, I even fought for my human rights over the tv just to watch the first performance night of the finalists. So finally, here are my top picks:

Adam reminded me of my 3rd grade mass demonstration at Tinuigiban, Puerto Princesa City. LOL. That was so 15 years ago! Despite the overwhelming foundation he has today, he's still my idol. Allison and Alexis are rockstars of their own. Well done for both of these girls! Yey!

I was amazed also of Matt and Kris' performance tonight. Hence, am placing them on my top half list together with Lil and Danny who are both consistent since day one.

Despite the variety Megan is giving to the competition, am really worried that she might belong to the bottom three together with Jorge and Anoop. Jasmine should also be worried for rendering an unripe version of "I'll be there."

Scott's voice is improving while Michael was also impressive tonight. Nevertheless, I don't see them singing in the final performance night. It's an Adam-Danny head-on-competition!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Urban gurU is one-year-old!

Happy First Year Anniversary

Urban gurU !!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Paula makes sense tonight

Here's a short note for the third round:

Am picking Lil Rounds for her consistency. She's very solid from auditions up to tonight's performance.

Felicia Barton was a "WOAH!" She really proved her worth in the top 36. Hence, she deserves to be in the final round.

Von Smith picked the right song. Thus, gave him the rights to be in the competition. Got a random question, "Is Marvin Gay?"

How about Clay? o.O

Although Ju'Not was also a choice, 'Delilah' is definitely not a song that will bring him to the finals. But am telling you, he has the talent.

My second choice of best performers would be:
  • Ju'Not Joyner
  • Kendall Beard
  • Jorge Nunez

And Scott...

He has a chance. We'll see tomorrow if America will let him be in the finals.

  • this is the worst group, ever.
  • they always reserve the best singer for the last performance. it's a hint already.
  • Paula makes sense tonight.

Now, where am I in my dream...

If you're gone.

I think I've already lost you. I think you're already gone. I think I'm finally scared now.

I think you're already leaving, feels like your hand is on the door. I thought this place was an empire but now I'm relaxed, I can't be sure .

I think you're so mean, I think we should try. I think I could need, this in my life. I think I'm just scared, I think too much.

I know this is wrong it's a problem I'm dealing...

If you're gone, maybe it's time to go home. There's an awful lot of breathing room, but I can hardly move.

If you're gone, God, I need to come home. Cuz there's a little bit of something me, in everything in you.