Thursday, June 25, 2009

Internet Withdrawal Syndrome Explained.

All of a sudden I opened my MS Word, and started writing. Again.

I’ve been away for quite some time.

For a span of one month, I’ve let go to a lot of bloggable thoughts, side dish stories, and one-liner-quotes that would make a thousand-word-post.

Plurk Angst.

Alas! I can finally claim that I’m internet withdrawal syndrome free! Although there are still moments that I would sneak up thru our office wifi, I’ve managed to live a life without internet connection for the past 20 days. Just imagine how much karma points I’ve lost before I froze it last June 20. Grrrr. I will never reach 100. And so I admit, I envy my blogger friends who were there since early this year. Boo me!

Oh well, I’d just brag about my record of being the 5th plurker in the Philippines with the most responses, hence 42nd in the world. Now, please don’t ask me for proofs! Plurkerati is not loading the past weeks. But heck, that was a long time ago, and since I don’t have internet connection when this post was written, I, obviously, can’t verify my own claims. So again, boo me!

To my plurk friends, lovers, and haters, I miss you too! I know, life at plurk is not complete without a daily dose of negativity. So here it goes… avada kedavra!

Disconnection explained.

A tornado hit our community last June 4. I didn’t even know that it occur until a plurker posted a link to the Philippine Daily Inquirer article relating what happened. My dad was so concerned upon hearing it on the news. Okay, I was exaggerating, “he was concerned,” rather.

What’s interesting is that my broadband antenna went down the next day. Cool, huh? And so I waited the entire day to be connected until I went outside the house around 2 o’clock in the afternoon only to find out that my antenna is gone! The screeching sound of the GI sheets that woke us up early in the morning that day should have been my clue that my broadband was disconnected already… FOREVEEEEEEEEEER!

If you’re wondering how it fell down, I have no idea either. My gut feeling is telling me that we should blame global warming.

The same day, I reported the incident to the Smart Wireless Center since I was already at the mall. They assured me that they will connect it the following weekend, June 13. And so I promised myself that if ever they will not call me for the final scheduling of my reconnection, I will permanently disconnect my broadband. I gave them until June 11, Thursday.

Surprisingly, Smart was very cooperative. THEY DIDN’T CALL!

By June 14, Sunday, I went to the mall again to pay my final fees so I can have it permanently disconnected. Guess what, I still have to pay a thousand pesos, Php 999.00 to be exact, for the June dues! To think, I was only able to use my internet from June 1-4. Four days people! Four effing days!

The lady explained that my money would still be reimbursed for the days I was not able to use my connection, I just have to wait for my next billing statement. Blah! Blah! Blah! Okay fine, whatever! I will pay whatever amount just be sure that you will permanently disconnect my effing broadband!

They promised to withdraw the antenna and wires and other stuff on the 27th. How I wish they will be here before lunchtime. I have work this coming Saturday, smart people! If I’m not here, better luck next time.

Am I bitter? Obviously, I am not.

I’ve been a loyal customer for the past two years. All I ask is immediate action to the needs of your customers. So again, and again, boo me!

Sun. Globe. Smart?

I’m still undecided what wireless internet connection should I purchase. I still need internet connection, especially when I’m at home. I can’t stay overnight at my office just to leach wifi. I just have one question bothering me this time, should I still consider a smart choice?

Disconnection Explained Further.

For the past two weeks, I utterly fought my internet withdrawal syndrome. The tornado, falling antenna, bills, global warming, and everything else paved the way for my broadband to be finally disconnected. I actually have a better purpose, rather than those mentioned earlier.

After three long years, I’m going back to school. Okay, that would be redundant. I’ve been working in a school for the past three years!

I mean, I’m going to school not as the teacher but rather a FRESHMAN student! (Please notice the emphasis on the word freshman).

Since mid-2007, I’ve been very visible online. Social networking sites, forums and YM chatting were my first addictions until I gave birth to the Urban gurU in March 2008. In one day, I spend more time online than sleeping. That’s why way back then when people ask me of my job, I often ask them, “At what time of the day?” And then I will continue, “10am-6pm: I’m a Science geek; 6pm-3am: I’m anywhere online; 3am-9am: I’m kinda sleeping then; 9am-10am: I’m taking a bath.”

Now, if ever anyone would ever ask me what I’m currently doing in my life, I plan to answer back, “I just made it more complicated,” then continue, “just check out this blog entry.”

Written June 23, 2009, 11pm-1am while suffering from colds and crossing my toes that classes will be suspended the next day. And oh! It’s already raining outside! Hurray!

PPS: It had been two consecutive days of suspension of classes. Double hurray!